Angioplasty – The Saviour of the Heart!

Imagine the clogging of drains in the streets and the household hose pipes due to sewage. You will definitely seek high-end machines to clear the debris, but what if your coronary arteries have such blocks? Have you thought of any kind of help for your atherosclerosis? Well, angioplasty can be the rescuer that can save you from a fatal heart attack. Let us know more about the different aspects of the minimally invasive procedure.

A. Atherosclerosis - the culprit
The deposition of plaque in the walls of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart leads to narrowing of the arteries. This process is called Atherosclerosis.

B. Angioplasty – the aid to your ailment

  • During the screening of arteries using angiography, if the doctors identify any constricted region, there is a call for angioplasty. This technique utilizes a balloon to widen the blocked artery. However, modern angioplasty procedures also involve the permanent insertion of a short mesh tube called a stent into the artery. This ensures the free-flowing of blood.
  • This high-end technique can act as a redemption to you or to a very close individual of your life suffering from atherosclerosis to whom chest pain is a regular visitor. 
Advantages of choosing angioplasty:
  • At times when medicines fail to treat angina, coronary angioplasty comes into the picture to restore the blood flow to the heart. Drug-releasing stents prevent the risk of restenosis which is, the formation of scar tissue. Some stents are biodegradable in nature that gradually dissolve over time.
  • Coronary angioplasty decreases the risk of having a heart attack in the future. The recovery period is shorter, and the process is less painful compared to coronary artery bypass surgery.

Prerequisites for the procedure

  • Before the angioplasty, the doctors will recommend certain tests to know your medical history, and on the day of the procedure, the cardiologist will advise a restricted diet and prohibit addictions like smoking.
  • After the angioplasty, the patient will stay under observation in the hospital. You must take warm care of yourself or your beloved one who has recently undergone this procedure and abstain from performing any kind of strenuous activity. The patient must take adequate rest and follow proper instructions. If they feel any pain or discomfort, they should contact the healthcare professional immediately and take prescribed medications. Patients must maintain a healthy diet and gradually start increasing their daily activities and must completely abandon smoking. The patient must undergo regular follow-ups so that the doctor can monitor the recovery process.
Cost of angioplasty
  • Depending on the type of procedure, complexity of the case, location and hospital fees, the angioplasty cost may vary. You must confirm the cost of follow-up appointments and medications in advance to avoid any last-moment confusion.

Angioplasty is performed by experienced cardiologists and it is generally considered a safe and effective procedure for treating blocked arteries. So, without further delay start your online hunt now for the top reputed healthcare centres to book an appointment with the best cardiologist to say goodbye to coronary artery disease