Air Ambulances: Delivering emergency medical care with speed!

Time is of the essence when it comes to medical emergencies. In critical cases where the patient's condition is unstable, failing to provide immediate medical assistance may deteriorate their health or even cause death. An air ambulance plays a pivotal role in this endeavour. Unlike land ambulances, they have better availability and fly swiftly without any road traffic, ensuring the patient reaches the hospital as quickly as possible. Besides, India's growth as a popular medical tourism destination has paved the way for the air ambulance service industry's utmost development. A government report suggests the nation received approximately 697,000 medical tourists in 2019 for various treatments. And the number is sheerly increasing every passing year.


Let us understand in detail about air ambulances, their types and the benefits one can avail by booking its services.

Air Ambulance: A Brief Overview!

An air ambulance is not a recent discovery; its existence can be traced back to 1917. Back then, it was deployed in military services to rescue war victims or to evacuate civilians during natural disasters. Presently, it finds primary application in transporting patients to top medical facilities for treatment. 

These aircraft are well-resourced with various medical equipment necessary for supporting and saving a life. They ensure a comfortable and safe journey and have trained medical professionals to monitor and assist the patients. Here are the different kinds of air ambulances:

  • Rotary-Wing Ambulance: Perfect for emergency operations, this helicopter ambulance can fly to inaccessible regions or challenging terrains and take off or land in narrow spaces. If the patient is in highly critical condition, turboprop air ambulances are the best means to save their lives.
  • Fixed-Wing Ambulance: This air ambulance is the best option to seek for patients who are not in grave emergencies. One can travel long distances in this air ambulance with utmost safety and comfort. The aircraft is spacious compared to a helicopter and is less noisy. It can also incorporate more medical experts to provide proper medical assistance during the long flight.

Air Ambulance Services: Why do you need them?

An air ambulance comes to the rescue when a patient with a highly-unstable condition needs hospitalisation within the golden hour. The following are the reasons why availing of their services is beneficial:

  • Extreme Operation: As mentioned earlier, an air ambulance can effectively operate in places, difficult to travel. They are a speedy transportation system that can efficiently move the patients or victims to a desired location within the set timeframe.
  • Advanced Technology: As the air ambulance transfers critical patients over a long distance, a medical set-up is necessary to prevent any misfortune until they reach the hospital successfully. That is why these life-saving aircraft have pre-installed essential medical equipment like oxygen support, ventilators, ECG machines, stretchers and medicines.
  • International Transportation: Patients suffering from chronic life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer and neurological disorders often visit other countries for the best treatments. Air ambulance services guarantee easy and safe international transportation, helping them recover from life-threatening illnesses and secure a healthy life.


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