Busting the Common Myths about an MTP Kit

Medical termination of pregnancy has become quite prevalent in India. The non-invasiveness of the termination makes it a preferred option. However, you should use an MTP kit under medical supervision to avoid complications during or after the termination. The easy availability of over-the-counter abortion pills is a significant downside, which, unfortunately, has also given birth to multiple misconceptions about the medical termination of pregnancy. Through this blog, we will aim to address such myths and state the facts to the readers. Additionally, this will also make you more aware of the use of MTP kits.

What is an MTP Kit?

MTP kit induces medical abortion through a combination of drugs. 
  • Mifepristone (1 tablet)
  • Misoprostol (5 tablets)
MTP kits are effective and safe within 63 days of pregnancy. However, that may vary in certain cases or complications in an individual. Medical professionals do not recommend medical termination of pregnancy after ten weeks of gestation.
Mifepristone blocks the natural progesterone development in the body, which terminates the pregnancy. Misoprostol, on the other hand, softens the cervix, contracting the uterus and inducing the discharge of uterine contents. 
As per a study, the MTP kit has a 98.3% success rate of safe termination of pregnancy.

What are Common Myths about MTP?
Now, let’s clear some of the misconceptions surrounding the MTP kit. 
Myth: It is Unsafe
Fact: MTP kits are safe, provided you are taking the pills under the supervision and guidance of a medical professional and not taking matters into your own hands with over-the-counter drugs. Since abortion is still taboo, many women try terminating their pregnancies with MTP drugs without telling anyone, fearing societal judgement. It can seriously harm their bodies, with long-term consequences.    
Myth: It can be taken at any time during pregnancy
Fact: Medical abortion is only possible for women who are under seven weeks of their gestation period. Beyond that, the drug will not be effective; on the contrary, it can cause serious complications. That’s why medical supervision is a must.    
Myth: It kills the foetus
Fact: No, it does not kill the foetus. As mentioned, MTP kits are effective up to 7 weeks of pregnancy. It will induce a medical abortion and clear the contents of the uterus before the significant development of the foetus. So, no, it does not kill the baby in the womb.  
Myth: It causes irreparable harm, including infertility
Fact: This is the most common myth surrounding MTP kits, which is false. It will only cause complications if the drugs are administered without consulting a doctor at the wrong time. These pills do have some temporary side effects when the abortion is induced. It may cause cramping, heavy bleeding, fatigue, bloating, vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches, etc. But these subside soon in a couple of days. However, self-consumption can cause severe damage to the reproductive system. So, always consult an OBGYN. 

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