Home-care service benefits and tackling an emergency

Many patients prefer in-home healthcare assistance as it allows them to stay close to their loved ones. Receiving support while still at home might ease the stress and anxiety; that come when hospitalized. Patients receiving in-home nursing care recover faster since it is a familiar setting.

A reputed medical organization will assist you in hiring the best in-home nurses. And because they are licensed health care providers, you need not worry about the reliability of services you receive.
Here are some benefits of choosing home care nursing services:


Patients with mobility issues find it hard to travel back and forth to the hospital. It causes physical as well as mental stress. An in-home nurse can travel to the convalescent daily, saving time and effort.

Personalized care:
Before assigning you to a nurse, the healthcare organization asks for your preferences and past medical conditions. It helps the nurse provide individualized care according to your specific needs. 

Improved recovery:
Full-time caregivers note down the symptoms and provide medicine at a scheduled time that can prevent unnecessary hospitalization. The patient receives all of these benefits from the comfort of home. With the support of their loved ones, they recover faster than usual.

Home care nursing services services are generally less expensive than a private hospital. Also, under the intensive care of a nurse, the patient can avoid the risk of hospital readmissions. It helps in saving unnecessary expenses. 

What to do in an emergency?
An in-home nurse can provide all the necessary care at home. However, during any emergency, you have no option but to rush to the hospital. In this situation, an air ambulance is the best choice. Patients in need of a critical lifeline can get immediate medical attention. With trained medical staff and specialized equipment, an air ambulance transports patient to a nearby hospital faster than usual.

There are two kinds of Air medical transport facilities available:

Heli-Medical Ambulance:
This medical transport uses a helicopter to transport the patient immediately to nearby hospitals. Helicopters can fly over challenging terrains effortlessly and land in tight spaces making it the ideal choice for the air ambulance. But their travel range is between 150-300 miles. 

Air Ambulance with Fixed Wings:
Aeroplanes help in long-distance transfers. But, it requires the patients to travel to and from the airport. You rarely find a hospital near an airport, making ground transportation necessary. 

Is Air Ambulance safe?
Most air ambulances are installed with cutting-edge medical equipment to transport extremely ill patients safely. They take everything seriously, from regulating the cabin pressure to delivering critical care. Also, compared to flying, the danger of running into an accident is higher on the road. That is why air ambulance is considered absolutely safe.

Life is uncertain, and you need to be prepared to face any situation. Whether you require in-home medical services or an air ambulance for an emergency transfer, experts at Ace Medicare are available to assist you. Visit their website to discover more about the extensive medical services they provide.