How To Get Periods Early: Useful Advice

Women sometimes look forward to their monthly periods. Although the cycle typically takes 28 days, it can arrive earlier or later. In order to get over this, a woman could also choose to start her period early since it might fall around a family event, celebration, vacation, or other event. And every woman steers clear of travel when she is menstruating. There are several useful tricks to start your period early, but first find out why it's taking longer than usual. Discovering how to make your period come sooner can provide insights and options for managing the timing of your menstrual cycle.

Why periods get delayed?

The following are some potential causes of missing or delayed periods: 

  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome 
  • Thyroid problem
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Overweight
  • Contraceptives

Here are some tips to help you take control and start your period early

The following are some natural ways to obtain early periods:


Ginger causes early menstruation by raising body temperature. Ginger tea or vegetables should be combined with ginger instead of eating it raw since it may taste bad. It promotes uterine contractions and might lead to early menstruation. 


Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties and ability to boost antioxidant capacity, turmeric has long been used as a natural cure for a wide range of ailments. It facilitates a speedier onset of menstruation by enhancing blood circulation to the uterus. There are other methods to enhance the intake of turmeric, including adding it to rice, milk, steamed vegetables, and other dishes. Your menstrual cycle may be forced by this. 

Warm water bath

Taking a hot water bath is a great way to unwind and relieve tension. A few drops of lavender oil in your warm water tub will not only help you unwind mentally and physically, but it will also speed up blood flow to that area. Incorporating relaxation techniques and self-care practices is part of the approach when considering how do you make your period come sooner.

Vitamin C

Orange foods include oranges, berries, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, sprouts, papaya, and lemons. Some women consume foods high in vitamin C or take vitamin supplements. It aids in lowering progesterone and increasing estrogen levels. Understanding the role of nutrition and vitamin C in hormonal balance is part of the consideration when exploring how to make your period come quicker.

Socialize and relax

Cut back on work, get moving, practice meditation, and hang out with loved ones. This aids in stress reduction, which is crucial for controlling the menstrual cycle. Stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline might cause your periods to arrive later. So try not to worry. Engaging in activities that promote relaxation and well-being is part of the approach when considering how to make periods come quicker.

Parsley leaves

Go for parsley leaves if you want to boost the estrogenic action. It has a lot of vitamin C, which causes early periods as was previously discussed. Because it induces uterine contractions, you can drink it as tea. Keep in mind that it is not appropriate for women who are nursing or who have renal issues. These considerations are part of the strategies to explore if you're wondering how can i get my period to start sooner.

Tea or coffee

Limit your caffeine intake to two to three cups per day, or choose tea made from the mildest herbs, including chamomile, ginger, parsley, or rosemary. It is thought that these tea herbs cause the uterus to slightly constrict. Although there isn't a study to back this up, several ladies have discovered the same solution. These lifestyle adjustments are among the ways to consider if you're wondering how can i get my period to come sooner.

Sexual activity

Cervix dilation occurs during climax during sexual intercourse. The vacuously shed menstrual blood descends. Sexual action can be either penetrative or non-penetrative. Frequent sexual activity lowers stress and preserves hormonal equilibrium. Your periods can arrive earlier as a result of this.
Exercises like crunches, squats, and pelvic twists may also help you get your period sooner, however there isn't enough research to support this claim.


Because jaggery is another substance that produces heat, physicians urge patients to consume it in moderation. An imbalance in the body's iron level throws off the menstrual cycle.


You can use the natural methods listed above to induce menstruation early if you choose to. However, keep in mind that seeing a doctor is usually a good idea before using these treatments. Understanding how can you make your period come faster and how can you get your period fast can provide valuable insights, but professional medical advice is essential for informed decisions.