Know the Common Misconceptions About IVF

Welcoming a new baby is indeed a blessing. However, infertility or inability to conceive often limits many women from experiencing the happiness. Damage and blockage of the fallopian tube often make the fertilization of eggs difficult. Apart from that, various other reasons give rise to infertility issues. The good news is several treatment options have evolved that help women to get pregnant. One of them is the IVF procedure. In vitro fertilization involves fertilization of sperm and egg in a laboratory dish.

IVF helps in effectively treating infertility problems and preventing various genetic issues. It allows women to get pregnant successfully. In India, about 2 to 2.5 lakh IVF cycles are performed every year. ( However, there are certain misconceptions about the procedure that limits people from opting for it. In this blog, you will learn about the misconceptions that you must stop believing. Let’s dive in!

IVF always results in multiple pregnancies
Multiple pregnancies are not preferred by everyone. But you do not have to worry about that in the IVF process. As a matter of fact, in the early days, IVF laboratories used to transfer several embryos to increase the chances of live birth. However, that isn’t the same today. In the modern era, technology has advanced a lot, thereby making medical procedures more targeted. Today, it is possible to select and implant only one healthy embryo. As a result, the chances of multiple pregnancies can be avoided during the IVF procedure.

  • IVF increases the risk of abnormal child
No parents will want to have babies with abnormalities and birth defects. The truth is that there is no such risk in the IVF procedure. Before the implantation of the embryos, they go through several genetic tests. The normal embryos are only implanted. As a result, there is a lower risk of an abnormal baby.

  • IVF procedure is traumatic
The fear of pain and trauma often limits people from undergoing the IVF procedure. Traditionally, the process involved a lot of discomfort and pain. However, with the advancement of technology and the field of medicine, the procedure has become more convenient. So, you are likely to experience less pain during the process.

  • IVF increases the risk of cancer
There isn’t any scientific evidence that proves IVF or other fertility treatments increases the chances of developing ovarian or breast cancer. Various medications used to develop mature eggs may result in the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone levels. However, the procedure does not increase the risk of cancer.

By now, you must have a comprehensive idea of the common misconceptions relating to the IVF procedure. So, it is time to stop believing them and opt for the process if you have difficulty becoming pregnant. However, connecting with experienced doctors is vital to increase the chances of success. Are you looking for reputed doctors for IVF procedure? If yes, Ace Medicare can help you find the best doctors and enable you to get treatment at competitive prices.