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    Surgical abortion entails dilating the uterine entrance (cervix) and inserting a tiny suction tube into the uterus. Suction is used to extract the fetus and other pregnancy-related material from the uterus.

    You may be subjected to the following tests prior to the procedure:

    • A pee test determines whether or not you are pregnant.
    • A blood test will determine your blood type. Based on the results of the test, you may require a specific injection to avoid complications if you become pregnant in the future. Rho(D) immune globulin is the name of the injection (RhoGAM and other brands).
    • An ultrasound test determines how far along you are in your pregnancy.
    • You will be placed on an exam table.
    • You may be given medication (sedative) to help you relax and sleep.
    • Your feet will relax.Stirrups are a type of support. These enable your doctor to examine your vagina and cervix by positioning your legs.
    • Your doctor may numb your cervix so you don't feel any discomfort throughout the operation.
    • Dilators, which are little rods, will be inserted into your cervix to gradually stretch it open. Laminaria (medical seaweed sticks) are sometimes inserted into the cervix. This is done the day before the surgery to allow the cervix to gently dilate.
    • Your physician will put a tube into your womb and then remove the pregnant tissue through the tube using a specific suction.
    • To lessen the chance of infection, you may be given an antibiotic.
    • You may be given drugs to aid your uterus after the operation.

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    1How much does a surgical abortion cost in India?25000.0010000.00 - 30000.00

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    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    About Abortion (Garbhpaat)

    Abortion is both a safe and legal choice in India. it is a legally sanctioned option for both married and unmarried women and can be performed until the first 18 to 20 weeks*. As the name suggests, abortion is the procedure to abort or end an unwanted pregnancy.

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    Types of Abortion Procedure

    • Medication abortion uses medicines to end the pregnancy.
    • Procedural abortion is a procedure to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. It is called a "surgical abortion."

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    Awareness of Abortion Surgery

    It is a safe, most common, and minimal risk procedure. It bears no risk of future pregnancy and no marks and scars, and it should be done by a licensed health care professional, trained doctor, and licensed OB-GYN and only at a registered clinic (under the MTP act, 1971).

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    Make Early Decision

    • If you have conceived unwanted pregnancies, and decide to terminate them, we suggest you do not delay the abortion procedure, and the decision to end a pregnancy is personal.
    • The earlier the abortion, the better, safer, and more economical. If you thinking of having an abortion talk to our professional health care providers.
    • If you delay your decision may also bring you into a conflict of law, you should risk your life, and if you terminate of unwanted pregnancy within 20 weeks* then you are safe. The Indian rule allows termination of unwanted pregnancy only until 18 to 20 weeks in regular cases.

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat


    • Missed period
    • Tenderness of breast Nausea
    • Positive on the HCG strip test

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    Diagnosis Test

    Ultrasound: An imaging test that uses sound. In other words, it creates an interior image of the abdominal organs using high-frequency sound waves and echo.
    Either of the following suggestions may be made to decide the best way to end the pregnancy depending on the number of weeks in the pregnancy: Transvaginal ultrasound before two months (6 to 8 weeks).

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    Risks and Complications

    Any abortion carried out outside of a location that has been verified medically or by an unskilled or unqualified individual is considered unsafe.
    In India, more than 64 lakh pregnancies are terminated annually, but only a small percentage of them are done so legally and with the assistance of qualified medical professionals. Unsafe abortions are exceedingly hazardous, despite being quite common.

    It might result in:

    • Risk to fertility, 
    • Infection, 
    • Incomplete abortion 
    • In the worst circumstances, it could lead to death.

    In fact, unsafe abortions rank third among the causes of maternal mortality in India, where an average of 10 deaths per day are attributed to them. We advise you to only seek out MTP registered clinics and to only entrust the termination of your pregnancy to a knowledgeable, experienced, and trained OB-Gyn.

    Safe abortion is a legal option for both minors and adults in India.
    *Sex with any lady under the age of 18—with or without consent—is considered "rape" in India; as a result, your doctor is required by law to alert the police. Your doctor would be given the go-ahead to do the surgery after a few hours of research.

    The woman is entitled to a safe abortion up until her first 24 weeks of pregnancy because the abortion in this case was either directly or indirectly caused by forceful sexual assault, which is why the law sees it as an exceptional situation (on the recommendation of two doctors).

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    Best Approach to Abortion

    The two key variables that determine the optimum abortion technique are:

    The pregnancy's types:
    • Regular
    • Ectopic
    • Molar
    Pregnancy weeks:
    • Early weeks
    • The need for an abortion
    • The patient's general health
    • Any physical restrictions and personal preferences are among the additional deciding factors.
    • Depending on the situation,
    The following suggestions may be made:

    Early stages of a typical pregnancy:
    • Pills for abortion
    Normal pregnancy's later weeks:
    • Dilation and Curettage
    • Laparoscopic Excision for Ectopic Pregnancy
    • Dilating and treating a molar pregnancy

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    Recovery Rate

    Because of the prolonged cramps and bleeding, medical abortions are typically more time-consuming and painful. Seven to ten days may pass between ejection and recovery. Within 15 days of taking the pill, a second ultrasound is required. Make sure the abortion is complete and there are no leftovers.

    Comparatively speaking, surgical abortion is a quicker and painless procedure. During this treatment, the doctor aborts the fetus while also cleaning the uterine wall with a vacuum-like suction. Usually, the bleeding stops after 3 to 4 days, and you can go back to work after one week.

    However, because each person's body responds to pain and recovers differently, it also depends on the circumstances of each individual case.

    A brief overview of abortion pills
    Abortion pills are a non-invasive way to terminate a pregnancy. These pills are a combination of two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol, and are effective in terminating pregnancies up to 10 weeks.

    Abortion pills work by blocking the hormone progesterone, which is necessary for the pregnancy to continue. This causes the lining of the uterus to break down, and contractions are triggered to expel the contents of the uterus. It is important to follow the instructions provided by the healthcare provider when taking abortion pills to ensure their effectiveness and minimize any potential side effects. Women may experience cramping, bleeding, and nausea after taking the pills, but these symptoms typically subside within a few days.

    Abortion pills offer a safe and effective alternative to surgical abortions and can be taken in the privacy of one's own home. However, it is important to have access to medical support and aftercare services, in case of any complications. Overall, abortion pills provide a valuable option for women seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    How much does a surgical abortion cost in India?

    The cost of surgery varies across the country in different abortion clinics and it can range in around Rs. 10,000, to Rs. 30,000 

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    How does the abortion pill function?

    Cramping and bleeding might linger many hours or longer after taking the abortion pill. You can be at home or anywhere you feel most at ease. Take it easy for the rest of the day. You will meet with your nurse, doctor, or health centre personnel before taking the abortion pill to discuss if abortion is the correct decision for you and what your abortion alternatives are. You'll have a physical, lab tests, and maybe an ultrasound to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy.

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat

    What is Medical Pregnancy Termination?

    Medical abortion, also known as medical termination of pregnancy (MTP), is a treatment that uses medications to end or terminate a pregnancy. Medical abortion uses two distinct drugs rather than surgery to terminate a pregnancy. Pregnancy needs an extremely high quantity of progesterone. Medical abortion is the most widely used way of terminating a pregnancy. Medical abortion is a risk-free way to end a pregnancy that is safe and affordable. If you have chosen to have an abortion, you can speak with one of our gynecologists. Our doctors are certified to perform medical abortions and are well-known for the care they give to each and every patient.

    The MTP Kit is a mixture of two medications used in medical abortion (terminating a pregnancy). This medication inhibits the activity of progesterone, a female hormone essential to maintaining pregnancy, and triggers uterine contractions, which aid in abortion.

    • MTP Kit is a combination of two abortion-inducing medications, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone inhibits the actions of progesterone, a natural female hormone required for the pregnancy to continue.
    • Without this hormone, the uterine (womb) lining breaks down as it does during a menstrual period, halting pregnancy growth. Misoprostol in the MTP kit causes abortion by increasing uterine contractions.
    Abortion aftercare
    Abortion aftercare is an important part of the abortion process, as it can help women recover physically and emotionally. Talking about the aftercare, here are some tips:

    • Physical aftercare may include taking medication or pain relievers, resting, avoiding sexual activity for a certain period of time, and following any other instructions provided by the healthcare provider.
    • Emotional aftercare may involve counseling, support groups, or other resources to help women cope with their feelings after the abortion.
    • It is important for women to attend any follow-up appointments scheduled by their healthcare provider to ensure that their recovery is progressing as expected and to address any potential complications.
    • Women should also be aware of signs of complications, such as heavy bleeding, severe pain, or fever, and seek medical attention if these occur.
    • Access to comprehensive aftercare services should be available to all women who undergo abortions, regardless of their circumstances or reasons for seeking the procedure.
    Whether you are seeking the non-invasive or invasive way to abortion ensure to consult professional doctors at one of the best abortion clinics. Before you proceed with your treatment discuss factors like success rate of medical abortion at 6 weeks to handle your abortion safely. 

    Abortion Surgery, Garbhpaat


    The MTP Kit is a mixture of two medications used in medical abortion (terminating a pregnancy). This medication inhibits the activity of progesterone, a female hormone essential to maintaining pregnancy, and triggers uterine contractions, which aid in abortion.


    • Mtp Kit is a combination of two abortion-inducing medications, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone inhibits the actions of progesterone, a natural female hormone required for the pregnancy to continue.
    • Without this hormone, the uterine (womb) lining breaks down as it does during a menstrual period, halting pregnancy growth. Misoprostol causes abortion by increasing uterine contractions.


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