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It may be difficult to breathe through your nose if you have severe sinusitis. You may notice swelling around your eyes and face, as well as throbbing facial discomfort or a headache.

The common cold is the most prevalent cause of acute sinusitis. Most instances, unless a bacterial infection develops, disappear within a week to ten days. Home treatments may enough to treat acute sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis is defined as sinusitis that lasts more than 12 weeks despite medical therapy.

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1How much does a surgery cost in India?60000.0045000.00 - 70000.00

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Sinus infections that reoccur due to nasal septum displacement.

Will having a septoplasty alter the contour of my nose?

No. A septoplasty is a surgical technique that is used to correct a deviated septum through a tiny incision within the nose. This is done to clear the impediment and get the nose back to working normally. The contour of your nose won't alter as a result of this procedure unless you have a severely deviated septum, which may appear better following septoplasty surgery.


Sinusitis: What is it?

The term "sinusitis" describes the enlargement or inflammation of the sinuses' lining tissues. Healthy sinuses are air-filled chambers located inside the facial bones. They are in charge of creating the mucus that keeps the interior of the nose wet. Typically, there are four types of sinuses:

  • Between the eyes is the ethmoid sinus.
  • Hinter the forehead is the frontal sinus.
  • Behind the cheekbones is the maxillary sinus.
  • Sphenoid sinus: Located at the skull's base
When a person has sinusitis, the fluid-filled sinuses encourage the growth of germs that lead to an infection. Numerous conditions, including the common cold, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps (small growths in the lining of the nose), a deviated septum, allergies, environmental smoking, etc., can result in sinusitis..

Around 15% of the population in India suffers from sinusitis and paranasal sinus (PNS). About 24 million Indians suffer from chronic sinusitis each year, making it more prevalent than conditions like diabetes, asthma, and coronary heart disease.

A minimally invasive treatment called FESS, or functional endoscopic sinus surgery, is used to treat persistent sinus infections or blocked sinuses. In order to restore healthy sinus ventilation and appropriate breathing, the doctor utilises an endoscope to remove polyps, damaged tissues, and mucus, among other things.



Adults and toddlers alike can get sinusitis. There are a number of risk factors and reasons that lead to the development of inflamed sinuses, including

Nasal polyps:
Abnormal tissue development in the nose can obstruct the nasal tube, causing mucus to build up and cause sinusitis.
Deviated nasal septum: Due to the constrained or constricted passageway around the sinus, a deviated or crooked nasal septum can further exacerbate sinusitis. This may potentially make sinusitis symptoms worse.

Different medical disorders -
Nasal obstruction and sinusitis can be caused by issues associated with diseases that affect the immune system, such as HIV, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Infections in the respiratory system, whether bacterial or viral, can result in a variety of symptoms.the typical colds. Mucus obstruction is brought on by the swelling and thickness of your nasal membranes.

A number of allergies can lead to hay fever, which can irritate and obstruct your nasal passages.

  • Allergies
  • nose growths
  • nasal septum with deviation
  • infected respiratory tracts
  • different medical conditions



  • Weakness and a headache
  • The cough and sore throat
  • Nose swelling and postnasal drainage
  • Reduced ability to taste and smell
  • Having ear, upper jaw, and tooth pain
  • Around the eyes, cheeks, nose, or forehead; and pain and swelling
  • Having trouble breathing



Various tests can be used to assess the severity of your sinusitis. Based on these examinations, there are a number of tests to identify the severity of your sinus problems. The following are some of the diagnostic tests:

Imaging procedures: Imaging procedures, like CT scans and X-rays, can assist in providing precise pictures to identify any inflammation or physical obstruction brought on by polyps, tumors, or other anomalies that may contribute to the development of acute or chronic sinusitis.
Tests for current allergies : An allergy is frequently the root cause of sinusitis or nasal obstruction. In this situation, an allergy skin test is useful to identify any allergens causing your nasal flare-ups.



Typically, this kind of sinusitis begins with cold-like symptoms including facialoften lasts for two to four weeks and includes symptoms like discomfort and runny nose. Typically, this kind of sinusitis lasts between four and twelve weeks. Chronic sinusitis symptoms typically last for more than 12 weeks. If treatment is put off, the severe symptoms of recurrent sinusitis that occur many times a year may become worse.


Risks & Difficulties

Mastoiditis is the medical term for an infection or inflammation of the mastoid bone, one of the bones found in the area of the head behind the ear.
A brain abscess can develop as a result of persistent sinusitis when a bacterial or fungal infection spreads to the brain tissues and causes a pus-filled edoema.

Untreated sinusitis can lead to a buildup of pus in the soft tissue of the orbit, which imaging studies can confirm.
Orbital cellulitis is the term for an infection and swelling of the eyelid muscles that can progressively get worse. Eyelids, brows, and cheekbones are all impacted.

Cavernous sinus thrombosis:
complications from chronic sinusitis can lead to blood clots in the cavernous sinuses.Frontal or maxillary osteomyelitis is an untreated sinusitis complication that can affect the face or teeth. It describes an infection-related inflammation of either the frontal or maxillary sinus bone.



Early preventative treatments can slow the development of sinusitis and lower the likelihood of serious consequences.

The following are some sinusitis prevention strategies:

Avoid respiratory infections: Patients must stay away from anyone who has a cold or other respiratory illness. Before meals, it's also crucial to constantly wash your hands with soap and water.

Patients should be aware of seasonal allergies and avoid being exposed to substances that trigger them since they frequently cause sinusitis and other respiratory infections. For advice on how to manage respiratory infection symptoms, speak with your doctor.

Avoid breathing in contaminated air: Patients need to stay away from cigarette smoke and other contaminated air that might irritate and inflame their respiratory systems. the nose and lungs, leading to a number of respiratory conditions.

Use a humidifier : It is crucial that the air you are surrounded by is clean and impure-free. A high-quality humidifier may provide both clean and wholesome air. Make sure your air purifier is routinely cleaned completely and mold-free.


How much does a surgery cost in India?

The cost of surgery varies across the country. can range from around Rs. 45,000, to Rs. 70,000 .


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Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma

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Dr. Parveen Kumar

MBBS - University of Bihar, MS (ENT
ENT Surgeon

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Kunal Kunal

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