Debunking the Myths About Cardiac Surgery

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of the majority of deaths around the globe. It takes the lives of about 17.9 million people each year. That is why the demand for cardiac surgeries has increased a lot. If you have a serious heart disease and your cardiac surgeon has recommended surgery, knowing about the common misconceptions is vital. In this article, you will know the myths relating to cardiac surgery that you must stop believing. Let’s dive in!

Myth 1: The heart is taken out during the surgery 

Hearing that your heart will be taken out during heart surgeries can be really scary. As a result, many people become nervous about the surgery. However, it is a complete misconception. The heart is removed only in case of heart transplantation. In all other cardiac surgeries, an incision is made and the surgery is performed by the cardiac surgeon. So, you can expect faster recovery and minimal scarring. 

Myth 2: Cardiac surgery affects brain functioning and may cause heart stroke

The truth is that cardiac surgery aims to enhance the heart condition of individuals and improve their quality of life. Moreover, there have been drastic improvements in surgical interventions owing to the use of modern technologies. So, the chances of risks and complications are less. The experienced surgeons perform the surgery in a precise manner. Therefore, you need not worry about the risk of heart stroke or interruption in brain functioning.

Myth 3: Heart surgeries are painful

No one wants to experience pain. So, most people keep delaying heart surgeries. The truth is that during any heart surgery, the patient is given anaesthesia. The entire region becomes numb. So, you are not likely to experience any pain. After the surgery, when the effect of the anaesthesia goes, you might experience pain. But, do not worry because the doctor will prescribe medications to deal with the pain and recover faster.

Myth 4: Physical Activity is completely restricted after the surgery

If you are an active person, living with physical restrictions can be challenging. But the fact is that after heart surgery, the patients can go home in 3 to 5 days after the surgery. They are usually recommended to avoid activities like driving for about two weeks. However, within 3 to 4 weeks, the patients can resume their normal activities with certain dietary restrictions. But it is vital to consult and take the guidance of doctors when engaging in physical activities like running, jogging, and swimming. 

Myth 5: Cardiac surgeries are risky

Today, medical science and technology have advanced a lot. So, all types of heart operations carry less risk in recent times. The success rate of cardiac surgeries is about 98%.


These are some common myths about heart surgery that you must not believe. If you or your loved ones are suffering from any cardiac disease that needs surgery, you can go ahead with the procedure without any fear. Make sure to connect with the best cardiac surgeon for optimum success.