Ace Medicare Offers Root Canal Treatment and Other Dental Surgeries for Better Patient Centricity

Now you can experience patient-centric and hassle-free dental surgeries and oral care services with Ace Medicare. Often patients don’t know the difference between a dentist and an endodontist. Therefore, patients initially go to a dentist for any discomfort or pain. The dentist then refers them to a surgeon or endodontist, whether they require root canal treatments or other procedures. Ace Medicare has improved patient experience by centralising the whole process. Hence, it now provides various dentistry services, diagnosing and treating diverse conditions.

India, 18th May 2023
The dental system has two parts - the crown that is visible in the mouth, and the root that holds the teeth in its position and reaches the jaw bone. Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the dental pulp is damaged due to bacterial infection. The soft tissue at the centre or core of the tooth is called the dental pulp. Bacteria may enter the pulp through cracks or cavities and spread, that leads to inflammation of the pulp. 

According to the spokesperson of Ace Medicare, “If the patient experiences intense and persistent pain, or the tooth becomes sensitive, or they feel pain while chewing or biting, it is best to consult an expert. Our experienced and trained endodontists first take an x-ray of the patient’s tooth. It helps in determining the damage to the tooth and the treatment course.”

In addition to root canal treatments, Ace Medicare also offers dental fillings, dental implants, aligners and braces, teeth whitening, bridges and crowns, mouth ulcer treatment and paediatric dentistry. For any additional information about the dental care services, check out their website or book a free appointment today!

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Ace Medicare helps people from all over the world find high-quality medical care in India. Operated and managed by a team of very experienced doctors, nurses, and other professional medical associates making India the most popular place in Asia for people who want to get medical care.

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