Ace Medicare: Reputed Abortion Clinic Champions Women’s Reproductive Health

Clinical abortion is a crucial procedure pertaining to women’s reproductive health. However, owing to the social stigma around it, the awareness regarding safe clinical abortions is critically low. Therefore, Ace Medicare has launched a comprehensive abortion care in partnership with leading hospitals and abortion clinics in India. Now you can book your appointment and consultations with well-known gynaecologists online and hassle-free.

India, 18th May 2023
When patients book a consultation or appointment with abortion care specialists at Ace Medicare, their health and well-being are the top priority. Therefore, prior to conducting the surgery, the patient undergoes multiple tests. For example, a urine test to confirm their pregnancy, a blood test to administer Rho(D) injection to avoid any complications during the procedure and more. 

According to the spokesperson of Ace Medicare, “For the longest time, patients had a stigma around consulting with abortion clinics. However, it is important to understand that in certain medical cases, abortion can save the life of the mother. The experts and doctors at Ace Medicare mainly consider two factors while deciding the treatment approach. These two factors are pregnancy types such as molar, regular, ectopic etc., and week of pregnancy.” 

As per doctors’ opinions, surgical abortion is a safer and more pain-free method. In this case, the surgeon removes the foetus from the uterus and cleans the uterine walls using suction-like medical equipment. Hence, the chances of infection and prolonged recovery are quite low. Ace Medicare implements emerging technologies and innovations to ensure patients can have access to a safe and supportive environment for their surgery and recovery. 

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Ace Medicare helps people from all over the world find high-quality medical care in India. Operated and managed by a team of very experienced doctors, nurses, and other professional medical associates making India the most popular place in Asia for people who want to get medical care.

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