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Bankart Surgery

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Bankart shoulder correction surgery is performed to address repeated shoulder joint dislocations. During therapy, the worn out ligaments are reattached to the correct spot in the shoulder joint, with the objective of restoring normal function. Learn everything there is to know about bankart surgery, symptoms, and therapy. Ace Medicare offers the top shoulder dislocation doctor and hospitals. This therapy costs between Rs. 150,000 and Rs. 200,000.

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Bankart Surgery

About Bankart Surgery

Bankart repair helps stabilize the ball back into the socket of the shoulder joint. In this procedure, your orthopedic surgeon will repair damaged ligaments and cartilage through an incision in the front of your shoulder. For some patients

Bankart Surgery

Causes of Bankart Surgery

  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder labrum tear
  • Shoulder instability

Bankart Surgery

Types of Shoulder Dislocation

  • Anterior shoulder dislocation
  • Posterior shoulder dislocation

Bankart Surgery

Symptoms Bankart Surgery

  • Trouble moving your arm
  • Instability of the shoulder and the back
  • Severe shoulder pain S
  • welling and bruising of your shoulder or upper arm
  • Numbness and/or weakness in your arm, neck, hand, or fingers
  • Your arm seems to be out of place Muscle spasms in your shoulder

Bankart Surgery

Why is treatment required for shoulder dislocation?

In addition to causing tremendous agony, a dislocated shoulder can limit joint motion.

The earliest you can seek medical attention from an orthopedic specialist who can provide the required care to address the disease is recommended if you have painful sensations at or around your shoulder joint. A shoulder injury that is severe can occur if therapy is delayed.

Untreated shoulder dislocation may lead to:
Nerve and vascular damage: A dislocated shoulder, which is more common in those over 60, might harm the axillary artery if left untreated.

Interference with routine daily activities: If the shoulder dislocation is not addressed right once, it might result in muscle weakening, pain, and spasms, and probably hurts the shoulder more with each passing day.

A tendon that is inflamed or irritated is said to have tendinitis.

Bursitis: Bursal inflammation (a small fluid-filled sac that helps in friction between bones and aids free movement of the bursa)

Pain in neck and upper back: An untreated dislocated shoulder joint may result in discomfort in the neck and upper back nerves that are connected to it.

Bankart Surgery

How is the diagnostic made before a Bankart procedure?

A skilled orthopedic physician can determine through a simple physical examination whether or not a shoulder is dislocated. In addition, the doctor could inquire generally to confirm, such as:
  • How did you get a shoulder injury?
  • How long has the shoulder ached been there?
  • Have you ever had shoulder discomfort like this before?
  • What were the initial signs you noticed?
  • Did you experience a fall? Have you experienced any accidents?

The doctor can better plan your treatment if they have clear answers to these questions and are aware of what is causing your symptoms.

To determine the full degree of the injury, the doctor could ask you to submit to imaging procedures like an MRI or x-ray. Imaging examinations will not only reveal the full degree of the damage, but also any shattered bones. The orthopedic expert may also examine your shoulder during a consultation to see if you can move it in different directions or if you experience any discomfort or numbness when you move your arm.

Bankart Surgery

Getting ready for Bankart Repair?

The following could be part of the shoulder dislocation therapy preparation:

  • Tell your orthopaedic doctor about your medical history, including any medications you may be on.
  • By performing some imaging tests, such as x-rays, and reviewing your medical history, the doctor will get you ready for the surgery.
  • The orthopaedic surgeon will do a physical examination to determine your surgical readiness.
  • In addition to recommending a rehabilitation process following surgery, the doctor will propose various fitness routines prior to the procedure. In order to guarantee the finest postoperative treatment, do this first.
  • On the day of your bankart surgery, dress comfortably. If you wear accessories or jewellery of any type, leave it at home.
  • learn about the surgery's insurance coverage. Speak with the hospital's medical coordinator if you have any questions.
  • Hire a driver to take you to the hospital and back home after the procedure. This inconvenience is reduced at Ace Medicare because we offer complimentary cab service to pick you up and leave you off after the procedure.
  • Unless the surgeon specifically instructs you to do otherwise, wait at least 12 hours before eating or drinking anything.
  • You may need to take certain medications prior to surgery, which will be prescribed by the surgeon or anaesthetic provider. Observe the instructions exactly as written.

Bankart Surgery

What may I anticipate from a bankart repair procedure?

The orthopaedic surgeon begins the Bankart shoulder repair procedure by making a few tiny incisions around the shoulder. To see the interior of the joint, the orthopaedic surgeon inserts a tiny camera. The doctor uses tiny tools to affix the labrum to the glenoid bone. To secure the labrum, the orthopaedic surgeon places tiny anchors in the bone and sews the wound. The damaged ligament is repaired through an arthroscopic bankart repair procedure using anchor-style sutures. With a low recurrence rate and better shoulder stability, the surgery significantly improves shoulder function.

Arthroscopy for bankart surgery has advantages

For bankart tears and dislocated shoulders, arthroscopic bankart surgery has the following advantages over traditional surgery:
  • Several little cuts
  • Less surgery time
  • Minimal postoperative discomfort and agony
  • Low likelihood of problems
  • Less bleeding
  • Increased shoulder joint range of motion
  • The enhanced shoulder joint stability
  • Low likelihood of recurrent dislocation

Bankart Surgery

Shoulder Dislocation Treatment, Recovery

The recovery process following bankart surgery is straightforward. But to ensure a quick recovery, you must always heed the doctor's instructions.

After the surgery, you might need to spend a day in the hospital. The medical professional will keep an eye on your healing during the stay.

To reduce the pain and stop any infection at the surgery site, the doctor may prescribe painkillers and antibiotics.

After surgery, physiotherapy is advised for at least a week. Your physician will advise you on the workouts and at-home maintenance. For 4-6 weeks following surgery, the doctor may also place the arm in an immobilizer sling, if necessary.

For at least five to seven days following surgery, it is advisable to exclusively carry out daily tasks with the non-operative arm.

After 4-6 weeks following the bankart surgery, you can start driving.
For at least six months following surgery, contact sports and weightlifting with the operated arm should be avoided.

Following-surgery medications are likely to promote a speedy recovery. Be sure to take your medications on time.

Bankart Surgery

How much does a surgery cost in India?

The cost of a surgery varies across the country. can range in around  Rs. 150,000, to Rs. 200,000 .

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