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Bartholin Cyst

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A Bartholin's cyst or abscess is a common ailment. The size, intensity of pain, and infection status of a Bartholin's cyst all influence treatment. Home treatment is sometimes all that is necessary. In certain cases, surgical excision of the Bartholin's cyst is needed. If an infection occurs, antibiotics may be beneficial. Bartholin cysts afflict around 2% of women worldwide at some point in their life. Unless properly treated, it recurs, causing intense pain, infections, and poor sanitary and sexual hygiene. This website provides in-depth information on the disease, including its causes, symptoms, prevention, best drugs, therapies, and top doctors in India.

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Bartholin Cyst

What exactly is a Bartholin Cyst?

  • A Bartholin cyst is a fluid-filled lump that can form on the vaginal walls as a result of an injury, bacterial infection, or STIs such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia.
  • If infected, it can become quite big, develop an abscess, and cause excruciating agony.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, pop the cyst. Otherwise, it may spread more illness and reoccur.
  • Rather, see a gynecologist as soon as possible and begin taking drugs and sitz baths, which include soaking the affected region in 3-4 inches of warm water 2-3 times each day. This should provide significant relief and aid in the drainage of the cyst.
However, if the Bartholin cysts reoccur, marsupialization is the best treatment. Please contact us for free doctor consultations, the finest medications, and/or marsupialization therapy.

Bartholin Cyst

What Causes a Bartholin Cyst?

A Bartholin cyst forms when the Bartholin gland becomes blocked due to an infection or damage to the vaginal lining.
Because the gland is in charge of secreting vaginal lubrication, the fluid backs up and plugs the gland. If not treated promptly, it can cause swelling, infection, an abscess, and excruciating pain and fever.

Bartholin Cyst

Bartholin Cyst Causes

  • Injury
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Bartholin Gland Clogging

Bartholin Cyst

Symptoms of a Bartholin Cyst

  • A Protruding Lump of Vaginal Skin
  • Vaginal Irritation
  • Vaginal Stress
  • Lactic Smell Pain During Penetration, Vaginal Dryness and Itching
  • Painful vaginal bleeding and a burning sensation while urinating

Bartholin Cyst

Bartholin Cyst Diagnosis and Treatment

Swab Screen:
  • The gynaecologist gets a swab sample of vaginal fluid to test for infections.
  • If the lady is postmenopausal, cancer cells may be present. As a result, the gynaecologist may collect a sample cell and perform a biopsy to check for malignancy.

Bartholin Cyst

Bartholin Cyst Severity

  • Pus is the infected fluid that forms in the cyst as a result of a bacterial infection or STI. This might exacerbate the discomfort of the Bartholin cyst
  • Ovarian Cyst Treatment Risks and Complications
  • While Bartholin cyst surgery is a basic procedure with minimal to no risks, in rare cases, it may result in: Infection with more haemorrhage

Bartholin Cyst

Bartholin Cyst Prevention

  • We recommend the following measures to prevent the recurrence of Bartholin cysts.
  • Protect the area from injury by using caution when working, playing, or engaging in strenuous activities. Injury to the Bartholin gland can induce trauma and cause the fluid in the gland to back up, eventually producing a Bartholin cyst.
  • Use a condom and maintain the highest standards of sexual hygiene to practice safe sexual behavior. Although Bartholin cysts can arise for a variety of reasons, STI is one of the most common causes of infection and abscess formation. As a result, employing a condom can help you avoid STIs and pus development.
  • Rough or dry sex or carelessness during penetration can rip the skin surrounding the labia and block the Bartholin glands, resulting in painful Bartholin cysts. As a result, caution is suggested, as is the use of lubricants.

Bartholin Cyst

Cost of Bartholin Cyst Treatment

Surgical therapy for Bartholin cysts is not usually required. Smaller and less symptomatic cysts can be treated as follows:

Soak your vaginal region in a few inches of warm water for a sitz bath. This would assist with both pain management and softening and draining the cyst. Your doctor may recommend adding an antibiotic solution to the water to expedite the treatment process. (It is normally recommended to perform this 3-4 times each day for 5 days or longer.)

Antibiotics and pain relievers are used to empty the cyst, prevent infection, and control discomfort and fever. These normally cost between Rs 800 and Rs 1000.

Bartholin Cyst

Bartholin Cyst Treatment Recovery Rate

After pus drainage, there is instant pain alleviation, and in most cases, you may resume basic activities the next day.
However, because the drainage is still taking place, experts recommend that you wait at least 2-3 days before returning to the office. This will aid in your healing, avoid infections, and prevent a recurrence.

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