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Breast Lift

Best Breast Lift Treatment In India

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A woman may want a breast lift for a variety of reasons. Some breast cancer survivors may wish to enhance the success of their breast reconstruction. After pregnancy or breastfeeding, some mothers may seek to regain shape or firmness. Many others are suffering with natural breast changes brought on by ageing, heredity, and weight fluctuations. Breast augmentation, often known as a breast lift, is a surgical procedure that lifts and reshapes the breasts. If the breasts have sagged, the surgery will tighten them up and shape them up. Breast lifts have no influence on the size of the breasts. Individuals who wish to change the volume or size of their breasts may opt to combine augmentation/reduction with a breast lift. The cost of this procedure is around Rs. 10,000, to Rs. 150,000 .

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Breast Lift

About Breast Lift surgery

AceMedicare offers the best Breast surgical treatment at an affordable cost in India.

Understanding the Breast Lift: 

  • The eighth most frequent cosmetic surgery worldwide is breast reduction surgery.
  • It is the finest method for reducing breast size and relieving the agony and anguish brought on by large breasts.
  • This procedure is also known as "reduction mammaplasty."
  • It also aids in enhancing a woman's self-image and boosting her confidence. Learn more about breast reduction by reading this article.

Breast Lift

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Crescent Lift Periareolar or Donut Lift
  • Vertical or Lollipop Lift
  • Inverted T or Anchor Lift

Breast Lift

Why is a Breast Lift Necessary?

  • Women who have macromastia, a condition in which the breast size has greatly expanded, typically need to have their breasts reduced. In this state, the breasts start to protrude excessively and start inflicting physical and mental pain.
  • The woman finds it more challenging to engage in normal physical activities like running, jogging, etc. due to the pain and discomfort.
    A woman may choose to get a surgical reduction to address problems like:

  • Chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain.
  • Underarm rash or discomfort that lasts a long time.
  • Neural pain
  • Limited activities
  • Large breasts lead to low self-esteem.
  • Fitting into bras and garments with difficulty.
  • Breast reduction targets the underlying physical and psychological problems and efficiently aids in their eradication.
  • In addition to having a breast lift, Many women choose the operation for cosmetic reasons rather than medical ones, citing worries about societal stigmas or wardrobe issues.

Breast Lift

What does a breast lift entail?

  • The removal of extra breast tissue and fat is done by a treatment called breast reduction, often known as reduction mammaplasty.
  • Having breasts that are in proportion to the rest of the body is beneficial.
  • The technique helps to eliminate the pain that is typically linked to having breasts that are too big (macromastia).

Breast Lift

What happens in Breast Lift Surgery?

  • When the breasts are completely grown, the operation must be performed.
  • Infection in the breasts can be brought on by piercings.
  • X-rays used in cancer screening, for example, may not work properly after breast reduction surgery.
  • Typically, breast reduction surgery has an impact on a woman's capacity to breastfeed. Milk output might be impacted by the process.
  • Remember that the results of earlier breast reduction surgery may be impacted by changes in the breasts brought on by pregnancy or major weight loss or gain.
  • Regular smokers among women are more likely to experience difficulties. Therefore, the physician would strongly advise that you stop smoking altogether before having the surgery.

Breast Lift

How much does a surgery cost in India?

The cost of surgery varies across the country. can range from around Rs. 10,000, to Rs. 150,000 .

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