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Dental braces, Danto ka taar

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Braces are dental equipment that help to treat dental abnormalities such crowding, crooked teeth, and misaligned teeth. Braces are often worn by teenagers, however they can also be worn by adults. While you wear braces, they progressively straighten and align your teeth, allowing you to have a normal bite. Braces are worn by some people to enhance their smile. Braces and retainers, custom-made, detachable or fixed equipment that covers the exterior of your teeth and helps keep them in position, can help straighten crooked teeth and/or a misaligned bite (an underbite or overbite).

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Dental braces, Danto ka taar

About Dental bracess

Dental braces are appliances that are used to align or straighten the teeth and guide the teeth to the correct position. They are made up of wires, brackets, and bands. Braces aid in correcting irregular tooth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in chewing, and smile aesthetics.

Your dentist is the best person to guide you on treatment options and modalities depending upon your dentition.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar

What are braces used for ?

The major reason for getting Braces on is to improve the facial appearance, what people do not know is that there are any other implications that require orthodontic treatment like open bite, jaw structure, crossbite, etc.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar


  • Crowding/Haphazardly placed teeth can lead to poor oral hygiene and can also be the reason for dental caries (cavities). Improper bite that affects chewing efficiency
  • Crooked teeth can be a major reason for periodontal problems such as
  • Bleeding Gums,
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath),
  • and tooth mobility (premature loss of teeth).
  • If the teeth are irregular, then it can cause calculus deposits,
  • leading to yellow teeth. forwardly placed or proclined teeth,
  • which leads to a more convex profile and a posteriorly displaced chin.
  • Open Bite The spacing between teeth can cause speech problems.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar

What use do braces serve?

The primary motivation for having braces is to enhance facial attractiveness. However, many individuals are unaware that additional issues like open bite, jaw structure, crossbite, etc. may also necessitate orthodontic treatment.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar

What is mixed Dentist?

Mixed dentition refers to the period of time when a person's mouth has both primary and permanent teeth. The following issues are resolved by wearing braces during this phase:

Jaw growth issues may now be treated non-invasively, but eventually they may need to be addressed surgically.

teeth straightening procedures. Early treatment is required for this to avoid having an impact on the child's psychology.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar

Types of braces

Metal Conventional Braces:

The conventional and most popular kinds of braces are these. Today's metal braces are significantly more comfortable and more compact. To attach the wire to the braces in these cases, elastics in a range of colours are needed. Your body heat is used by the wires to shift teeth more swiftly and painlessly. These have no age restrictions because individuals of any age can opt to use metal braces to straighten their teeth.

Metal Self-Ligating Braces
These metal brackets don't need elastic to secure the wire; instead, they include a shutter or lock mechanism. Metal self-ligating braces are more comfortable and compact than conventional metal braces. These aid in expanding the arch and reducing the necessity for extraction.

Ceramic Conventional Braces
The ones with transparent brackets are ceramic braces. They match your teeth more naturally and employ tooth colour. The braces are the same size and form as metal braces. Older teens and adults who may have aesthetic concerns prefer them since they are less noticeable on the teeth. Sometimes even the wires that are utilised are tooth-colored, which lessens their visibility.

Lingual Braces
Heavy metal braces, called lingual braces, are positioned behind the teeth. Even silver or gold may be used to create these metallic braces. Using CAD-CAM and 3D modelling, each bracket is unique. The procedure is quite attractive and barely noticeable. However, this may result in minor speech problems while receiving therapy.

Medical-grade plastic trays called "Clear Aligners" can be used instead of braces or wires. They are completely undetectable, which fully addresses cosmetic issues and makes them highly desirable to people who want orthodontic treatment.


For healthy teeth, brush and floss twice a day. The therapy works better on healthy teeth.
Make an appointment with your dentist for follow-up exams. Make a note of your appointments and, if any, follow any advice.
Be tolerant. The length of the treatment varies based on the circumstances. It will take some time for the teeth to adapt appropriately.

Dos and Don'ts with Braces.
  • Avoid foods that are sticky, such as caramel or gum.
  • If you participate in sports, request a mouth guard.
  • Drinks with less sugar and no carbonation should be consumed.
  • Never allow food to get caught on your braces; brush after each meal.
  • Visiting your dentist at each checkup
  • Avoid chewing on ice and hard foods.
  • Avoid biting your nails.
  • Limit your soda intake to one per week and be sure you floss like a boss.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar

How long will I be need to wear braces?

Braces take different amounts of time for different people. It is determined by:

How serious your issue is
The amount of space in your mouth
The length of time your teeth must travel
The condition of one's teeth, gums, and supporting bone
How carefully you adhere to directions
Braces are typically worn for 1 to 3 years after they are placed. After braces are removed, most people must wear a retainer at all times for the first 6 months. After that, you must only wear it when sleeping, although you may do so for many years.

Before making a choice, consult with a cardiologist and a heart surgeon.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar

Treatment for Braces

The orthodontist will want to visit you every month or so to ensure that the braces are applying consistent pressure to your teeth. They will make adjustments to the wires, springs, or rubber bands to increase tension and pressure. In some circumstances, braces alone may not be adequate to straighten your teeth or reposition your jaw. The orthodontist will then recommend headgear.

Dental braces, Danto ka taar

Other Issues Regarding Braces and Retainers ?

Because braces and retainers rub against the inside of the mouth, you may be more susceptible to canker sores. If a canker sore develops, your orthodontist or dentist may prescribe a corticosteroid ointment, a prescription medication, or an over-the-counter treatment to relieve pain and irritation and aid in the healing of the sore.

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