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Glaucoma Treatment, Kala Motiyabind

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Glaucoma, also known as 'Kala Motia,' occurs when the eye pressure rises and destroys the optic nerve, resulting in decreased visual acuity. Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous illnesses that may affect the human eye. Glaucoma is characterised as the "silent thief of vision" because it generally has no symptoms and might go undiscovered in the early stages.

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Glaucoma Treatment, Kala Motiyabind

What is "kala motia" or glaucoma?

When the eye pressure rises, it destroys the optic nerve and causes glaucoma, also known as "Kala Motia," which impairs vision. Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous illnesses that may affect the human eye. Because it frequently has no symptoms and might go undiscovered in the first stages, glaucoma is sometimes known as the "silent thief of eyesight."

Glaucoma Treatment, Kala Motiyabind

Symptoms of glaucoma

  • Gradual, frequently unnoticeable eyesight loss
  • Eye discomfort and redness accompanying headaches.
  • Rapidly fluctuating prescription for glasses
  • Diminished eyesight at night or in dim light
  • Observing vibrant circles or haloes surrounding bulbs

Glaucoma Treatment, Kala Motiyabind

People over the age of 40 are most at RISK for developing glaucoma.

  • Patients with diabetes, migraines, or hypertension
  • Patients wearing strong spectacles ( plus or minus)
  • People using long-term steroids for various conditions
  • Patients who have already had eye surgery
  • Patients who have had eye injuries or injury
  • People with a history of glaucoma in their families (kala motia)
  • You should absolutely have yourself evaluated for glaucoma if a close relative has it.

Glaucoma Treatment, Kala Motiyabind

Various glaucoma forms (kala motia)

Open-angle, closed-angle, mixed, and secondary types of glaucoma can all exist.

  • Open-angle glaucoma that is primary
  •  Treatment for open-angle glaucoma
  •  Angle-closure glaucoma 
  •  Treatment for closed-angle glaucoma
  •  Steroid-induced secondary glaucoma
  • Glaucomatous trauma

Glaucoma Treatment, Kala Motiyabind

What is glaucoma (kala motiya) therapy like?

With the proper medical care, glaucoma, also known as "kala motiya," may be managed. To combat glaucoma, the Ace Medicare website suggests disciplined and consistent therapy (kala motiya). We have one of the top glaucoma specialists to assist you in identifying and treating this eye issue as effectively as possible.
With our team of super experts and cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment, we are fully equipped at Ace Medicare to not only diagnose glaucoma, or "kala motia," in its earliest phases but to also provide thorough therapy and surgical care.
It's crucial to visit your eye doctor frequently because most people with glaucoma (kala motiya) don't experience any pain or early signs. Early diagnosis and therapy are important components of glaucoma management.

Glaucoma Treatment, Kala Motiyabind


Screening and diagnosis during glaucoma therapy
The most modern and cutting-edge equipment is available at Ace Medicare to assist our team of qualified specialists in measuring eye pressure, determining the sensitivity or susceptibility of the eye to glaucoma damage, and evaluating the structure and function of the optic nerve.

Tonometry for Measurement of Eye Pressure
A tonometer is a tool used to measure eye pressure or intraocular pressure. Applanation tonometry (AT) can be used to validate the ocular pressure and non-contact tonometry (NCT) for screening.

Ophthalmoscopy for Damage to the Optic Nerve
The optic nerve's general condition will be evaluated by the ophthalmologist, who will also look at the optic nerve head's color, shape, depth, and size. Ophthalmoscopy entails taking a 3D image of the eye.optic nerve for more accurate evaluation. The test can be performed with or without dilating the pupil and lasts 5–10 minutes.

For Cornea Thickness Pachymetry
A pachymeter is used to test corneal thickness. It is crucial to measure corneal thickness because individuals with poor corneal thickness require more extensive pressure control to prevent glaucoma damage even at low eye pressure.

Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT
OCT is a very accurate and advanced imaging technique for determining the health of the optic nerve. It assesses the characteristics of the ganglion cell complex (GCC), the optic nerve head (ONH), and the thickness of the retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL). Often, it can identify glaucoma years before other tests even pick up on abnormalities in the visual field.It is crucial for monitoring the course of treatment as well as for screening and verifying the diagnosis. Depending on your eye condition, your doctor may offer this test. After reviewing the results, your doctor will provide a recommendation for the best course of treatment.

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