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Kidney Transplant

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A kidney transplant is a surgical operation in which a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor is implanted into a person whose kidneys are no longer working properly. The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs on either side of the spine, located right beneath the rib cage. Each is around the size of a fist. Their main function is to generate urine, which filters and eliminates waste, minerals, and moisture from the blood. As the kidneys lose their filtering abilities, dangerous amounts of fluid and waste accumulate in the body, rising blood pressure and eventually leading to kidney failure (end-stage renal disease). When the kidneys have lost around 90% of their normal function, they are said to be in end-stage renal disease. End-stage renal disease occurs when the kidneys no longer function properly.

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Kidney Transplant

About Kidney transplant

A kidney transplant is surgery to place a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly.

A kidney transplant is a life-saving surgery that can improve someone’s health and life with the help of another person’s healthy kidney. At Ace Medicare, health care professionals trained in many medical specialties work together as a team to ensure favorable outcomes from your kidney transplant.

Kidney Transplant

Causes of end-stage kidney disease

  • Diabetes Chronic,
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Polycystic kidney disease Living with a kidney transplant

Kidney Transplant


  • Having a healthy lifestyle after a kidney transplant has become increasingly difficult.
  • You have to go a long way to minimize the risk of complications.

Kidney Transplant


  • If you smoke, I eat a healthy diet.
  • Do proper exercise.
  • You can lose weight if you are overweight.
  • Always take steps to reduce your risk of developing infections.
  • Having a Kidney Transplant
  • A healthy lifestyle following a kidney transplant can help to reduce the risk of problems.
  • As a result, it is advised that you:
  • If you smoke, you should stop.
  • Consume a nutritious diet.
  • If you are overweight or obese, you should lose weight.
  • Take precautions to limit your chance of infection.
  • Learn more about how to live with a transplant.
  • The transplant center will call you once a suitable donor kidney is discovered.
  • Staff at the centre will check to see whether you have any new medical issues before asking you to come in.

Kidney Transplant

When you receive word from the transplant centre:

Do not eat or drink anything; bring all current medications; and bring a bag of clothing and essentials for your hospital stay.
When you arrive at the transplant center, you will be evaluated swiftly.
Some of the tests performed during your first evaluation may be redone to check that no new medical issues have occurred. Tests will also be performed to determine if the donor kidney is a good match for you.

The transplant operation must be completed as soon as feasible.He wants the transplant to be as successful as possible. After the medical team has determined that the kidney is in good health and appropriate for surgery, you will be given a general anesthesia and brought to the operating room.

Kidney Transplant


  • Although the incidence of significant problems has dropped dramatically in recent decades, kidney transplants, like any other form of surgery, are not without risk.
The following are the dangers of a kidney transplant:

  • Hazards associated with the operation itself.
  • Risks associated with the use of immunosuppressive medications (which reduce the activity of your immune system)
  • The dangers associated with a problem with the donated kidney
  • The majority of issues occur within the first few months of a transplant, but they might arise years later.

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