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Lasik surgery

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The most well-known and extensively utilised laser refractive surgery to correct vision impairments is LASIK eye surgery. Lasik (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a procedure that can be used in place of glasses or contact lenses. LASIK surgery use a specific type of cutting laser to precisely adjust the shape of the dome-shaped translucent tissue at the front of your eye (cornea) to improve vision.The cornea precisely bends (refracts) light onto the retina at the back of the eye in normal vision. Yet, regardless of whether a person has nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism, light is bent incorrectly, resulting in decreased vision. Although glasses or contact lenses can be used to improve vision, reshaping the cornea will provide the right refraction as well. This procedure is expensive is around Rs. 30,000, to Rs. 60,000 .

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Lasik surgery

About Lasik Surgery

LASIK stands for Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK). Lasik Eye Surgery is a common procedure used for the treatment of eyesight problems, i.e. myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. it can be an alternative to glasses or contact lenses.

Lasik is an advanced technique that can help to restore your eye vision within 30 minutes or less, where you can get the latest technology that can help to correct your vision permanently in a quick, safe, and painless way.

Lasik surgery


Blurry vision Double vision Headaches Seeing a glare or halos around lights Squinting and strain in the eyes Inability to see closer or farby objects or both

Lasik surgery


  • Short or long eyeball
  • Curved or flattened cornea
  • Aging of the eye lens
  • Corneal inflammation
  • Eye injury

Lasik surgery


In order to view the world around us, our eyes, which are a vital organ, must be in good health. What most people don't know is that by taking the following precautions, vision issues can be avoided and the eyes can be kept healthy:
Keep your blood sugar levels under control. Higher sugar levels can cause your blood pressure to rise sharply and could harm your optic nerve, causing vision loss.

To determine whether you may be at risk of acquiring specific eye disorders, be aware of your family's eye health history. If either of your parents had a refractive error, you are more likely to get one at an early age since refractive errors can be inherited.

To defend yourself, eat healthful meals. Consume a nutritious diet to preserve your vision. You probably have heard that carrots, green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc., are healthy for your eyes from a lot of people. It holds true because some foods include high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for eye health.

When engaging in sports or other activities where there is a chance of eye harm, use safety goggles. When your eyes are hurt, your vision will be the first thing to suffer.

Stop smoking because it is hazardous for both your eyes and general health. Your vision will eventually become impaired since it will harm your optic nerve.

To guarantee that vision issues can be identified early on, schedule routine eye exams. This will make it easier to treat the problem effectively and stop it from getting worse.

If you stare at a computer screen all day, give your eyes the rest they need. Take breaks frequently during the day and perform some eye exercises to maintain strong ciliary muscles.

Lasik surgery

Cost & Treatment Options

  • Non-Surgical Surgical Procedures
  • Surgery Planning

Lasik surgery

What to anticipate throughout the procedure?

LASIK eye surgery cost
The following are some non-surgical refractive error treatments:
  • Eyeglasses or Spectacles
  • The first line of defence against refractive faults is a pair of spectacles. Three different lens types are employed in eyeglasses:
  • To treat myopia or nearsightedness, use a concave lens.
  • Convex lenses are used to treat farsightedness or hyperopia.
  • cylindrical lenses for astigmatism correction
  • The power of the glasses will grow as your refractive error does. The lens thickness is little in the early stages but will gradually rise as your eye strength develops.
Contact Lenses 
  • Young adults might benefit more from this type of refractive defect correction. After a thorough diagnosis, numerous materials and types of lenses might be suggested.
  • For myopia and hyperopia with astigmatism less than 1.00 diopters, soft contact lenses are utilised.
  • For both regular and irregular astigmatism, rigid lenses are employed.
  • To utilise contact lenses, you will need to adhere to particular rules, which is why individuals

Lasik surgery

Recovery rate

Following LASIK eye surgery, the eyes instantly begin to heal, and the first recovery happens quickly. Within 24 to 48 hours, your vision will become stable. The recuperation rate is therefore rapid. To prevent difficulties and guarantee that the eyes heal completely, you must adhere to particular recommendations for at least a month.

It will take a few weeks for the flap to heal. You will be able to carry on with your normal activities as soon as the flap has healed. After one week from your operation, the doctor will suggest you to schedule a follow-up appointment so they can check on your recuperation. You can then receive follow-up exams to check on your eyesight and eye health every six months or longer.

Lasik surgery

How much does a surgery cost in India?

The cost of surgery varies across the country. can range from around Rs. 30,000, to Rs. 60,000 .

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