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Septoplasty (SEP-toe-plas-tee) is a surgical procedure that straightens the bone and cartilage that connects your two nostrils (septum). When the septum is crooked, it is said to be deviated. Due to insufficient drainage, a deviated septum can make breathing through your nose more difficult and increase your risk of sinus infection. During septoplasty, the nasal septum is moved to the centre of your nose. Your surgeon may need to cut and remove parts of your nasal septum before reinserting them in the precise spot. Breathing should be easier after a septoplasty. Your surgeon may go through the advantages of septoplasty with you. Receive the most cutting-edge and effective septoplasty therapy to repair nasal septum distortion. We have a team of board-certified ENT surgeons on staff.have vast experience correcting a deviated septum and improving breathing quality. This therapy costs between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 60,000.

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Nasal infection

Infections, breathing issues, and sleep apnea are among conditions that sinusitis may aggravate. With minimum expense and no EMI facilities, Acemedicare provides innovative FESS treatments with no visible scars to relieve congested sinuses for better breathing and better sleep quality.


A Deviated Septum: What Is It?

The septum, which splits the nose into two equal halves, is formed of bone and cartilage. A deviated septum is described as cartilage that is tilted in one direction or the other. A deviated septum is a recognised medical issue that has serious safety risks. People with a deviated septum frequently have nasal congestion and breathing problems.

Accidental and congenital septal deviations are also possible. Wikipedia reports that 80% ofThe nasal septum is deviated throughout the whole world's population. The deviation is often small and has no impact on the nose's ability to function normally. In other instances, however, septal deviation is difficult and requires specialised care for increased life production. A well-known and highly successful surgical method to correct a deviated septum is advanced septoplasty. Since the septum is formed of bone and cartilage, it cannot be treated orally or with medicine. As a result, the doctor will suggest a minimally invasive surgical intervention that is carried out using current technologies. The procedure of septoplasty is often carried out by a qualified rhinologist, surgeon, or ENT specialist. This surgery will end all breathing disorders and nasal-related concerns while restoring the nose's natural functionality.



  • Congenital
  • Accidental\sAging
  • Nasal obstruction



  • Breathing difficulties Nosebleeds
  • Nasal infections
  • One nostril is dry
  • Mouth respiration
  • A loud snore
  • Slumber apnea
  • Nasal clogging
  • Rash in the nose
  • Nasal dripping



Endoscopy: An endoscope (a camera) with a powerful light source is connected at the end of a thin, flexible tube. To assess the nasal septum deviation, this tube is placed inside one of the nostrils. With the help of this test, the doctor can recommend the most effective course of action for repairing the septum of the nose.

X-ray: The doctor may suggest an X-ray examination to get a clearer look at the bone structure of the nose if the septum is substantially deviated. This will make it easier to determine how complicated the nasal septum deviation is.



A minor deviation in the nasal septum could not affect the nose's ability to operate normally at all. You might, in rare circumstances, develop congestion or an infection.


Risks & Difficulties

  • After birth, there are several risk factors for developing a deviated septum.
  • Major incidents that result in accidents are the key risk variables since they:
  • Football, cricket, baseball, and lawn tennis are all contact sports.
  • Driving without using a seatbelt
  • The act of motorcycling without a helmet.



Typically, no medicine or treatment can stop nasal septum deviation.
However, there are several healthy habits you may adopt to avoid developing a deviated nasal septum:

  • When riding a motorcycle, you should always wear a helmet to protect your face from any accidents that might harm the structure of your nose.
  • To avoid major damage to your nose during contact sports, wear a face mask.
  • A seatbelt should always be worn.while operating a vehicle to prevent serious harm.
  • Avoid using a tight mask that might irritate your nasal septum. Your nose's structure can be impacted.
  • Smoking should be avoided to reduce the risk of breathing-related problems.


How much does a surgery cost in India?

The cost of surgery varies across the country. can range from around Rs. 35,000, to Rs. 60,000 .

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