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Vascular Surgery, Naadi Upchar

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We Ace Medicare provides comprehensive care for vascular system disorders such as arteries, veins, and lymphatic circulation problems. We are India's leading vascular hospital facilitator, with a wide range of specialisations ranging from medicinal treatment to minimally invasive catheter procedures to surgery reconstruction. We have taken vascular therapy to a whole new level by focusing on giving the greatest degree of patient care with professional skills for early mobilisation. Among other things, we conduct balloon embolectomy, thrombectomy, vascular bypass grafting amputation, open aortic surgery, endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), angioplasty, carotid endarterectomy, and carotid stenting. Vascular surgery is a surgical speciality that focuses on the vascular system (both large and small blood vessels) and the lymphatic system (which carries infection-fighting white blood cells).

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Vascular Surgery, Naadi Upchar

About Vascular Surgery

We Ace Medicare offers comprehensive care for diseases of the vascular system, or arteries, veins, and lymphatic circulation afflictions. We are the top Vascular Hospital facilitator in India and are equipped with a wide array of specialties ranging from medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction.

Vascular Surgery, Naadi Upchar


We focus on providing the highest level of patient care with professional expertise for early mobilization and have taken Vascular Treatment to an altogether different level. We perform procedures Balloon embolectomy, Thrombectomy, Vascular bypass grafting Amputation, Open aortic surgery, Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR), angioplasty, Carotid endarterectomy, Carotid stenting, among several others.

Vascular Surgery, Naadi Upchar

Vascular doctors: who are they?

The medical professionals who monitor and treat all forms of circulatory system illnesses are known as vascular physicians or surgeons. They give the patients advice on the many approaches to treating vascular issues, such as medication, diet, exercise, or other lifestyle modifications.

Except for heart and brain surgeries, a vascular surgeon is adept in a broad variety of minimally invasive techniques as well as complex surgery. Identifying the patient's best and optimum treatment option is vascular specialists' first priority.

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Vascular Surgery, Naadi Upchar

Receive the most cutting-edge vascular treatments in India.

Varicose veins, spider veins, deep vein thrombosis, varicocele, and other vascular issues are some of the most prevalent ones that affect the Indian population. These conditions are frequently excruciatingly painful, uncomfortable, and humiliating. Furthermore, the danger of consequences is fairly significant if untreated.

At Ace Medicare in India, it is now simple to receive cutting-edge vascular therapies that are safe. People who have vascular problems that interfere with their daily lives can easily contact Ace Medicare. Our vascular surgeons use cutting-edge USFDA-approved technology.

The following are some of the frequent vascular issues people encounter:

Varicose veins: Commonly recognized as ugly, bulging veins on the legs, varicose veins can be extremely painful and heavy. When the vein valves that keep blood flowing in a single direction are destroyed by too much pressure, varicose veins develop. Due to the blood pooling caused by this, the veins swell and become distended.

Spider veins: Spider veins are tiny, thread-like veins that protrude a little from the skin's surface. These reddish-purple veins have the appearance of a spider web, as their name would imply. Spider veins can lead to skin infections, warmth, irritation, and more. Spider veins may not appear to be worrisome at first, but the issue worsens with time.

Deep vein thrombosis: When a vein is injured, the blood tends to pool inside it and move slowly, which causes the blood cells to clump together. Legs and the pelvic region are where blood clots most frequently develop as a result of damaged veins. Deep vein thrombosis is a dangerous vascular condition that has to be treated right away to prevent any complications that might be life-threatening.

Diabetic foot ulcer: A diabetic foot ulcer typically begins as a minor blister, cut, or damage to the foot. The injury does not heal and may get infected as a result of uncontrolled blood sugar and the harm it causes to the arteries and nerves. This leads to ulcer formation in the foot and in severe cases, the foot ulcer may even require amputation.

Varicocele: Varicocele is similar to scrotal varicose veins. Due to blood pooling in this syndrome, the scrotal veins enlarge. The illness produces dull pain and, over time, may harm a man's ability to conceive. Therefore, in the event of varicocele, prompt treatment is necessary.

Here are some short statistics on how common vascular issues are in India.

    • In India, over 10 million individuals suffer from varicose veins annually. 
    • Women and older persons are far more likely to experience it.
    • In around 30% of instances, varicoceles are known to be connected to reproductive issues.
    • Around 15% of the population in India has diabetic foot ulcers.

    Vascular Surgery, Naadi Upchar

    How frequently should a person go to a reputable vascular physician nearby?

    One should typically see a vascular specialist once every six months or twice a year for a routine examination. This will aid in the early detection of any vascular problems and spare you from any uncomfortable symptoms.

    If you have been diagnosed with a vascular condition or are experiencing its symptoms, you should continue to see a reputable vascular expert on a frequent basis. The intricacy of the therapy and the possibility of any major sequelae can both be reduced with prompt doctor advice.

    (It is important to mention that if you have diabetes, you should see your doctor for all scheduled checkups and, if necessary, consult a podiatrist.)

    What types of procedures are carried out by vascular surgeons?
    A vascular surgeon conducts procedures on the lymphatic system, arteries, and veins. Minimally invasive procedures that are carried out by vascular surgeons at Ace Medicare include:

    • Swollen, protruding, and dark-colored veins
    • Warmth or burning sensation in a particular body part (arms, legs, ankles, etc)
    • Itchiness around abnormally large veins
    • Any foot wound that is not healing or healing really slow (especially in the case of diabetes). Delaying medical attention in such a case can result in a diabetic foot ulcer

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