Shalby Hospitals

Shalby Hospitals

Shalby Hospitals is located opposite Karnavati Club on S. G. Road in Ahmedabad. The hospital is a well-known healthcare facility that provides a wide range of medical services including orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, and more.

Opp.Karnavati Club Ahmedabad - 380015,Gujarat , India - 380015

  • +91- 9825022188

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Here are some key features and details about Shalby Hospitals:

Network of Hospitals: Shalby Hospitals operate a network of hospitals across India, with their main facility located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They have expanded their presence to other major cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Indore, Surat, and Vapi, ensuring accessibility and convenience for patients in different regions.

Centers of Excellence: Shalby Hospitals have established specialized centers of excellence to provide focused care and advanced treatments in various medical specialties. In addition to orthopedics, these centers cover areas such as cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology, neurology, nephrology, urology, and more. Each center is staffed with experienced doctors and supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Advanced Medical Technology: Shalby Hospitals are equipped with modern infrastructure and advanced medical technology to support accurate diagnosis, surgical interventions, and post-operative care. They have well-equipped operation theaters, intensive care units (ICUs), advanced imaging and diagnostic facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

Research and Academics: Shalby Hospitals actively engage in research and academics to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care. They collaborate with renowned medical institutions and participate in clinical trials and research studies to contribute to medical advancements in their specialized fields.

Patient-Centric Approach: Shalby Hospitals prioritize patient satisfaction and provide personalized care. They focus on creating a patient-centric environment, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive medical care, empathetic support, and transparent communication throughout their treatment process.

Shalby Hospitals have gained a reputation for their expertise in orthopedics and joint replacement surgeries. They continue to expand their services, adopt advanced technologies, and deliver high-quality healthcare across multiple specialties, making a significant impact in the healthcare landscape in India.

Shalby Hospitals

  Part 5 & 6, Race Course Road , R S bhandari Marg, Janjeerwala Square, Indore-452003, Madhya Pradesh , India
  Opp. Karnavati Club, S G Road, Ahmedabad – 380015, Gujarat, India Useful Telephone Numbers for SG, Shalby Hospitals


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