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Best Piles Treatment, Bawaseer Treatment In India

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    • Rubber band ligation: a band is wrapped around your piles, causing them to fall off.
    • Sclerotherapy involves injecting a substance into your piles to get them to shrink.
    • Electrotherapy is the application of a moderate electric current to your piles in order to get them to decrease.
    • Infrared coagulation: To diminish your piles, an infrared laser is utilised to cut off the blood flow to them.
    • This form of therapy will keep you awake, but the region will be numbed
    • You should be able to return home that day.
    • If these treatments do not work, you may need to have your piles removed surgically.

    # {packageDetails.name} Treatment Cost Average Price Price
    1 How much does a surgery cost in India? 100000.00 60000.00 - 115000.00

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    About piles treatments

    Ace Medicare offers comprehensive care for diseases of vascular structures in the anal canal and rectum afflictions. We are the top piling, anal fistula, Anal Fissure, Pilonidal Sinus Treatment, treatment for piles in pregnancy Hospital facilitator in India and are equipped with a wide array of specialties ranging from Colonoscopy to sigmoidoscopy, etc.

    Ace Medicare is a multispeciality clinic that aims to provide the best proctology treatment in India We focus on providing the highest level of patient care with professional expertise for early mobilization and have taken piles treatments to an altogether different level.

    We perform procedures such, Rubber band ligation, Sclerotherapy, cauterization, electrocautery, infrared radiation, piles laser treatment cost, and cryosurgery among several others.


    • Constipation
    • Chronic
    • Diarrhea
    • Lifting heavyweights
    • Obesity
    • Pregnancy

    What is the piles symptoms?

    • Pain and discomfort in the back area while sitting
    • Pain while passing a stool
    • "Blood with stool" Itchiness,
    • Redness, and swelling near the umbilicus
    • A painful lump around the anus
    • Feelings of unclear bowel even after passing stool

    Diagnosis and what is the best treatment for piles ?

    The anorectal specialist will be able to identify exterior piles with a simple physical examination. The doctor might examine your rectum and anal canal if the hemorrhoids are internal.

    The following two procedures are frequently used to identify piles:

    Digital examination: The piles treatments specialist does this test by inserting a finger into the rectum while wearing gloves and lubricant to look for any abnormal growths.

    Internal hemorrhoids are too soft to be felt, so the piles treatments doctor will likely do a proctoscopy, anoscope, or sigmoidoscopy to visually investigate the lower rectum some times happens with piles treatment without surgery . The doctor will thoroughly inspect the lining of your anal tissues using one of these tools to determine the degree and growth of the condition and  find the solution that is there permanent treatment for piles.

    Complications & Risks

    Surgery for piles laser treatmentis not a difficult procedure. Therefore, the likelihood of any danger is extremely low. The severity of the condition and the surgeon's experience play a major role in the success or hazards of treating piles and haemorrhoids treatment , just like with any other surgical procedure. Rarely, a patient may experience any of the
    following issues follow a pile procedure:
    Bleeding - Open surgery for piles surgery increases the likelihood of bleeding. The patient may undergo bleeding if the surgeon is inexperienced enough to perform a precise removal of the inflammatory tissues.
    Infections might appear at any stage of the surgery with piles treatment injection. The likelihood of success is better with rubber band ligation piles treatments.

    Reaction to anesthesia:
    Many patients claim to have experienced anesthesia's negative effects. The patient may experience drowsiness and nausea for a longer period of time than usual as a result of the reaction.

    Rectal prolapse:
    According to an article on ScienceDirect, 12 random clinical trials have shown a link between long-term risks of rectal prolapse and hemorrhoidectomy (hemorrhage surgery).

    How can piles be avoided?

    Hemorrhoids are typical anatomical traits, according to New York doctor Steven Kussin. Everyone has them. Hemorrhoids and piles are fairly common, even though it is exceedingly uncomfortable to discuss them. Anyone can get them. Although there are no proven methods to help avoid piles treatments for piles , the problem can certainly be managed. Adopting the following practices can undoubtedly help you prevent this unpleasant anal condition.

    • Swear by consuming fibre.
    • People who don't get enough fibre in their diet on a regular basis are more likely to develop piles.
    • One of the simplest and most natural strategies to avoid piles is to include foods high in fibre in your diet.
    • It is essential to consume at least 25 to 30 grammes of fibre per day if you want to prevent piles treatments.
    Several foods high in fiber include:
    • Oatmeal, brown rice, and whole grains
    • Lentils and beans
    • Brussel sprouts with vegetables
    • Bananas, apples, pears, berries, and other fruits
    • Drink enough water.
    • For the prevention of piles, drinking plenty of water and eating a diet high in fibre are crucial.
    • Constipation is avoided by drinking adequate water, which reduces the need to strain while urinating. Add 6 to 8 glasses of water to your daily routine to help control piles or prevent them from getting worse.
    • Your digestive system will work more efficiently as a result.
    • Don't resist the need to poop.
    Do not hesitate to use the restroom if you feel the urge. Actually, the simplest approach to avoid heaps is to use the restroom when the system rings. Ignoring nature's cries might lead to complexities and consequences of its own.
    Don't hold on when your body signals that you must use the restroom and sit on the toilet seat.
    It's much simpler and easier to prevent piles from getting worse when you pay attention to your body's signals.
    Avoid spending too much time on the toilet seat.

    Don't spend a lot of time on the toilet seat reading a book or scrolling through your phone. Spending more time on the toilet seat increases your risk of developing a strain and worsens how you feel in the bowels. The anus blood vessels directly experience pressure and tension from the position of sitting on the toilet seat, which causes them to protrude.
    Continue to be active
    Hemorrhoids and physical activity, and how you keep your body active, are directly related. Maintaining an active lifestyle keeps the colon healthy and functioning normally. Having said that, you should be aware of which forms of exercise are healthy for you and which are not. Avoid engaging in any activity that strains or presses on your abdomen. Don't do weightlifting. Don't spend hours sitting still in one area. Walking, running, yoga, and swimming are all gentle workouts that can prevent piles treatments of tissues from erupting.

    How much does piles treatments cost in india?

    The cost of piles laser treatment varies depending on the individual. The minimal cost of this piles treatments procedure is around Rs. 60,000, with a maximum cost of Rs. 115,000. The cost of this procedure varies due to a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

    • The Proctologist's Fees
    • Anesthesiologist fees
    • Anesthesia costs
    • Hospital location
    • Type of hospital (public/private)
    • Preoperative test costs
    • Medicine expenses



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