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Transition Care can help you reconstruct your life.

  • Aids in the recovery from disabilities caused by a severe illness or accident.

  • Continues specialist care following hospital release to ensure a full recovery.

  • Provides full assistance for living with a long-term sickness on a daily basis.


We make early & effective recoveries possible!

We provide comprehensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation through 30+ unique therapies, tried-and-true methodologies, cutting-edge technology, and experienced specialists.

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Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
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Nutrition Therapy
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    Holistic Approach
  • Personalized Care Plans

    Personalized Care Plans
  • Members of the Multidisciplinary Team

    Multidisciplinary Experts
  • Health Care Comes Home

    Positive, Home-Like Environment
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AceMedicare Transition Care Centers: Now in 3 cities

Why should you choose AceMedicare Transition Care Center?

Your hospital therapy stabilises you, but full recovery necessitates extensive care.


Transition Care is ranked first.

India's First Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology, and Healthy Aging Transition Care Chain.


Expert Team

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Team comprised of doctors, nurses, and specialist therapists.


Holistic Healing

Rehabilitation that is all-inclusive and integrative for your physically & mentally.


Approach Based on Protocols

Professionals with extensive training and expertise in rehab treatment.


Environment Feels Like Home

A really homey ambiance with casual places that add to your comfort.


Individualized Attention

when you're at our facility, we assist and support you the best degree of recovery.